Areca Nut Plates

Areca Nut PlatesAreca leaf plates are bio-degradable plates made of areca leaves. This enforces a healthy eating style. These plates are specially made using the modern machinery. They are also used extensively in the marriage parties, star hotels etc. Eating in the areca leaf plates offer you a new approach towards eating habit. Areca leaf plates are prepared by a unique processing technique, which results in the odorless plates which can be used for parties and other household activities. Since these plates are disposable, they can be used as manures. BMDEXPORTS provide areca leaf plates in various sizes. Infact the whole dinner set can be purchased from us. We export the well made areca leaf plates to the foreign countries, where the requirement is very high. We attract a constant demand from some of our permanent clients. This is evidential enough for the work force of our company.

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